Making Time fit for you

Wow 2020 what a year, it’s certainly been unusual to say the least!

Even though it’s been a tough year, I can honestly say I’ve got mixed emotions about it ending. I’ve experienced time truly fly like no other year; I, like many of you have met and had to deal with plenty of challenges - I seriously worried how my Facilitation, coaching and consulting business would survive as it was pre-covid reliant on working face to face with my clients. However, I've seen people achieve some amazing things, I’ve cried, laughed, learnt and grown so much (that’s not just down to the lock down overeating! Lol)

Positivedirection now coaches around the world, I’ve designed and facilitated a series of online Leadership and change workshops and I feel blessed that I was lucky enough to spend time and share my bubble with my fantastic husband and two amazing adult sons…I hope that each of you can reflect on some good that may have come from 2020 for you. I’m pretty certain that 2021 will look a lot different in the Gregory home as I'm sure the lads will be getting ready to move out into homes of their own.

I want to thank all my wonderful clients and friends for their support and wish everyone a safe and happy summer.

Something for you

As we look towards next year I wanted to share a really simple framework that I think is a nice reminder to make time for ‘You’, as well as ‘Work’ during 2021

Making Time Fit 2021
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A suggestion of Laura Vanderkam, Author and a self-confessed Time Management Guru

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